R ✗ Y A L / S ✗ I L

Alexei Savrasov     Autumn Landscape with a swampy river in the moonlight, 1871

Stefano Colombini & Alberto Albanese"Contemplation 0"

Bianca Chang

without a moral absolute you’re confused regardless of how much you don’t want to admit it.  you’re confused about whether people are innately good or innately evil. you’re confused if whether you’re ultimately good with some evil or evil with some good.  you’re confused when you see ‘good’ people suffer. you’re confused when you suffer.  you don’t think you deserve it because you think you’re good. but you don’t know who is good or how to be good and you’re confused. you’re confused as to whether you should be confident in your moral outlook on life.  you’re confused as to what the truth is, if it’s relative or absolute and unchanging. you’re confused as to what you to assign to truth and what to live by. if you live by what you think is right rather than knowing what is right (no matter how difficult it is to hear it) and to know that a right and wrong in fact do exist and are not social constructs, you’ll be confused. you’ll be confused as to what you’re living for. are you living for good? if not, does that mean you’re living for evil by default? what if you don’t want to be evil. how do you live for the good? what is good? don’t stay confused. shouldn’t you think about morals? about principles? think about life? your life?

half the time im thinking, why do clothes even matter. wish i could just wear a t and pants and not care